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The NuHome mobile app enables you to view and understand the real time insights of the energy usage in your home. We further empower you and your family to live a more sustainable lifestyle through our unique healthy home rewards program.

Stay up to date with the latest news and alerts about your home and energy usage. Learn about sustainability, decreasing your carbon footprint and living lighter on planet earth

Energy Usage Monitoring

Learn which of your appliances are power hungry!

Healthy Home Score

Using advanced analytical techniques Healthy Home Score and compare yourself with your neighbours and friends.

Behaviour Diagnostics

Do you really know how healthy your home is? Learn daily what really makes your home a Healthy NuHome.

Real time Insights

Know what happens, when it happens in your NuHome. Get notifications and alerts about your energy usage.

Advanced Billing

Get your bills on your phone all whilst thinking of load shedding as a mere distant memory.


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