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NuHome pricing is competitive and includes maintenance, installation, and technical support. This pricing is cheaper than financing your own system for the 15-year duration.

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Use the pricing picker below to quickly select your ideal NuHome system. Based on the amount of energy that you currently use (kWh) on a daily basis within your home. Move upwards until you find your specific bracket within which your daily energy usage falls. This will determine which NuHome system you could select based on the five (5) criteria listed below this table (undersized - oversized).
Use the up and down arrows to change the system configuration, best suited for you.

0 kWh - 13 kWh

13kWh - 18 kWh

18 kWh - 23 kWh

28 kWh - 33 kWh

43 kWh - 48 kWh

58 kWh - 63 kWh

73 kWh - 78 kWh

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You will use power from the grid so expect a bill from your utility provider. If you want to avoid this maybe consider a bigger-sized system?
Slightly Undersized
You will most likely use a little power from the grid and can expect a bill from your utility provider.
This system is probably best suited for you compared to the amount of money you spend a month with your utility provider.
Slightly Oversized
Maybe a little too big for your home but nothing wrong with wanting to keep a couple of extra kilowatt hours in the battery.
If you like to play it a little safe by considering those 5 overcast and rainy days then this is probably a good one.
It should be noted that there is significant difference in summer and winter energy use averages in homes across South Africa. These increase in some cases can be in excess of 3 fold the summer loads. In such instances, one should expect to draw energy from the grid.