We keep the lights ON, always!

No electricity again.NuHome helps homeowners gain energy independence from their utility.NuHome installs solar systems with batteries for a monthly fee & zero upfront payments. Join NuHome and lets transition to green energy.


NuHome provides fully installed solar power systems at a monthly fee with no upfront capital cost. Proactive maintenance and reliable insurance are included for the full system over the agreement period .

What is NuHome?

NuHome is a renewable energy provider. We applied innovative thinking to traditional renewable energy principles to empower NuHome clients.

NuHome clients can now create their own reliable uninterrupted green electricity without the big investment. NuHome’s solar agreement allows clients to have real time insight, control and the ability to manage their energy consumption through actionable analytics.

NuHome is changing every aspect of the energy game.

Solar Panels
No upfront

a quick understanding of the nuhome process

How to join NuHome?

1 - Sign Up
                       Our No obligation sign up is there so you can understand
                        what you get before you get it.
2 - Eligibility Review
                       We will conduct an eligibility review and desktop
                        review of your home.
3 - Agreement Signing
                       Super easy online signing of your Solar agreement.
                        Don't understand something? Simply WhatsApp our
                        consultant and let's help you.
4 - Home Inspection
                       We will make an appointment to do a home inspection
                       at your convenience.
5 - Installation
                       We install the relevant components in your home,
                        depending on the system you chose.
6 - Our App
                       We will commission the system with you so that you can
                       get real time analytics on our mobile application.



"We clearly see the value for residential clients in the NuHome offering, and hence we are investing in this opportunity to provide clean, affordable and independent power to residential clients."

-Mohamed Madhi, Chairmen of Greenstone Energy
"Everything around us is rapidly evolving. It’s time that electricity joins the evolution. People want green electricity. They want uninterrupted power. They want reliability and control with insights. With NuHome they have this and so much more"

-Shaun Slabber, Founder of NuHome
"This will go a very long way in driving sustainability within the residential sector. Not even mentioning that NuHome will keep the lights on whilst South Africans experience load shedding. This is a game changer. "

-Songo Didiza, CEO at Green Building Design Group
"Providers of cost comparable renewable energy solutions to the residential market at prices that compete with the local utility. This is going to disrupt. "

-Greg Meneses, Director at Infrasalience Ltd
"Giving people the opportunity to have reliable power and then making them accountable for their usage through technology is truly novel."

-Bevan De Nobrega,MD Condurre (Pty) Ltd
"A battery backed-up solar system with high-end components on your roof and all the relevant information in the app creates an unique customer experience. If you are looking for a clean, green, reliable source of electricity as an alternative to Eskom, NuHome should be your partner of choice."

-Thorsten Ronge,Regional Manager Middle East & Africa,SMA Technology.